June 04, 2013



November 22, 2005

4th Transmission

Within this khaoz, I deliver my body to the vaccum of the inter-stellar space, awaiting for the glorious desintegration, where dust will join dust into the miriads of the Universe and Multiverse, planting my seed everywhere across the everywhere...
Breath me every second, and raise me inside of you!
V.S // 21st Nov 2005

October 13, 2005

The Crimson Constelation - Part II (I Fall)

Chaos am I, for my spirit is now hanged upon an infinite void... Will Saturn ever hear my call from here? For my hands are slipping and no one will hold my fall...
I miss the gentle whisper of the star-mother; it could draw a smile on a star, even on the moment before the last burn... But who am I to claim such delight, when I was the one who opened the gate that dragged planets, stars, moons and dreams into the abyssic side?...

Shame upon the one who disbalanced what could never be touched. If only the gate could be opened here so I could join them in their grief...

I fall!
V.S // Summer 2003

August 18, 2005

The Crimson Constelation

Eclipsed by the stars, my outer body reveals secrets of evil forces gathered on Saturn's rings...
As the Crimson Constelation throws its gloomy energy into a chaotic universe, and as my body receives this same energy, I can see shades of stars collidng, planets absorbed by their own suns... a black hole of sadness opens right beside me; from the inside, planets and stars, in ashes, call me to join them in a chaotic dance through mountains of stones made of centuries of cosmic trash... but I still feel the energy, wich keeps me in this side of the dimensional gate... and once again I ride... now, the stars seems to scream in such agony never seen... lucky the ones who trespassed the black hole, for their dance in desolated places is at least peaceful.
From Saturn it can be seen the radiance of the Crimson Constelation, spreading a growing dimension of cosmic destruction... consumed by their own efforts for survival, the stars go weak and weak as they are dragged into the dimensional gate... On this side of the gate, it only rests me, the Crimson Constelation, and Saturn, its host.
The screams on the other side of the gate no longer call my name... no longer I will be the same, without all my stars, planets, moons and dreams...
V.S // September 1999

If you can't beat them, join them!

Well... That's it, dudes. Although I never liked the ideia of blogs, I must admit that they are useful in some ways. I'll quit boring HTML encoding, hours of debugging, and painful search for free web space without depending on ISP's and pub-adds.

Thus, this will become our easy-to-update lyrical web lair. Here you'll find some lyrical deviations that may - or may not - be as well VS777's lyrics. Explore our profile and find more about ourselves.

Never forget that the preferred way to interact with the band is our OFFICIAL SITE ( http://SaturnKomplex.com.sapo.pt ).
Cheers! Stay tuned!